1. The Masters Stanza 1

Monk Xu Mastery 1

No year is different.
No day is different.
No life is different.
No death is different.
I see all things in love.
No division.
Unity within the breath.
I am slowly leaving the understanding process to be fully REALISED.
I've had one of the most liberating shifts.
It's blown my existence out of the dark matter into what one sees as Light.
As the rain hits me;
Consciousness is in the rain, not one drop is separate from the nothingness it was born from.
You are me.
In a celebrated form; the "I AM" is formless and in stillness celebrating in all that there is
Close your eyes - take a deep breath.

Be a new to all the possibilities that are endless

2.The Masters Mystic Upgrade.

Monk Xu Mastery

Simple in nature, sincere in mind.

Born and gifted with wonderment and ever so evolving and unfolding every day anew. Always flowing with imagination and utilising creativity to broaden the unlimited heart. Ordained by living masters. Nurtured by a loving family. Transformed within a Taoist monastery. Born from love and will die enlightened. Forever stretching the boundaries with the discipline of Kung Fu and always strengthening the inner being with Qi Gong

Assisting everyone to see the true nature of Mind.

I am always here for everyone.

"Future generations are best taught by the living example"
- W.J.Attiig

3.Waking Up

22min will literally open the heart meridian. Everyone dies knowing the truth - very few live to be an example of it.

4.Monk Xu 15 insights

MXM 4 (15 things that end in illness )

  • Jealousy - causes cancer diseases, immune system failure.
  • Vengefulness - causes sleep disorder and throat illnesses.
  • Restricted irritating situation - causes lung diseases.
  • Immoral behaviors - causes chronic diseases, infections, and dermal diseases.
  • Being too categorical or unwavering in beliefs - causes diabetes, migraines, and inflammations.
  • Lying - causes addiction to alcohol, parasite infections, and failure of the immune system.
  • Hostility - causes stomach ulcers, acid hearth burns, and verrucas.
  • Taciturnity - causes schizophrenia and kidney diseases.
  • Cruel behaviors - causes epilepsy, asthma, and blood deficiency.
  • Seeking conflicts - causes thyroid enlargement.
  • Apathy - causes diabetes.
  • Inconsistency or being fickle - causes infertility.
  • Being abusive - causes diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Anxiety - causes digestive system disorders, heart, and skin diseases.
  • Greed - causes tumors, fatness, and heart diseases.

Knowledge will go so far..
Wisdom will take you the whole way.

5. 3 Counteracting Remedies

  • Start monitoring your thoughts. Spend five minutes every evening writing down how you felt that day. Remember the situations you encountered and emotions you felt. What negative character traits does that uncover? What do you plan to do tomorrow to start improving yourself and to change those particular character traits? It is very important to write everything down.
  • Try to think more about things that make you happy . This is the miracle of positive thinking. When you concentrate on the things that you like, it's as if you move to a different frequency of vibrations, and the body starts to heal itself. Even better, there will be a greater number of good things in your life, because everything you think about becomes reality, including the problems that bother you. Concentrate on things you enjoy and watch how everything begins to change.
  • Try out meditation. During meditation, the body and mind rest and heal themselves.

6. A Simple Note from Monk Xu

Illness is simply our body's signal about an incorrect (or, rather, non-beneficial) lifestyle. Firstly it manifests as anxiety, fear, and negative thoughts. Only then, if no effort is made to work on oneself, the body sends a more powerful signal to get your attention and make you think about what you are doing wrong, in the form of physical symptoms.

Leave only the useful and meaningful things in your life. Because everything that is useful to you is always useful to others.

7. Chi Kung recipe for stillness


From experience.

I'm sharing my 7 WONDERS.

  • Stay clear from the sickness that orchestrates people's agenda.
  • Cherish your time in a disciplined area being alone for 20minutes at the beginning of the day - 20minutes at night. Be quiet. Watch the breath.
  • Be the ACTION of the imagination that CREATES your inner BEING.
  • Learn from following no one. Yet support and give from the heart in matters where divine intervention is obvious.
  • See the essence of your evolution. Be abundant by living that way in the first place.
  • Smile. It changes the energy in every realm. Mirror the shine not the dust.
  • Your not here for long. So be brave in every moment to truly see who you really are.

9. Monks Library

List of Books

  • Secret Teachings Of All Ages: M.P.Hall
  • The Best That Money Can't Buy: Fresco
  • The worlds greatest treasury of health secrets.
  • The philosopher's Stones (let the magic of alchemy transform your life) : M.E.Warlick
  • The Surangama Sutra : Lok
  • The art of the infinite : R.Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan
  • The Wisdom of the body : Sherwin B Nuland.
  • Onsha : D.Benedict.